Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Cheat Char Dewa

This solid Cheat, especially for my friends who like to show off the power because in this way can make us become gods Char, denagn high level of skill damage. So staycreenshot wrote then share the results of this cheat to my friends fellow players must have their NS
dazed look on your strengths.

But other than that this cheat helpful to yelesaian mission not only to show off the power so the point aja diving, drinking water .... Heh.eheh Hehe .. .... Please just trydirectly.

Charles : 

Log Building Recruit Friend
press Breakpoint
Select one of your friends then click Ok
At the request charles click edit>> AMF>>> change ID to 3790360>> execute
Remove the Breakpoint
Congratulations you have merecruit Char god ... .. execute the mission and see the results

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