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Cheat Weapon Damage Super

This time my own edits to cheat but not take away from Fb friend and is a cheat which is often used when Instant mission patch especially if you've got the time there was a test with a very strong opponent, this cheat can help us in defeating the boss.

-      SWF     :  http://adf.ly/21ihn

Use the following Skill Klw who had ga ga problem:

                             Fat Woman Transformation
                            Kinjutsu: Feather Illusion
                            Kinjutsu: Hellfire
                            Kinjutsu: Shield od Suiten

Use of weapons:
                             _ Kunai level 1

Swf file to a fiddler 1.Drag
2.Clear Cahce first ..
4.Masuk Ninja saga ..
5.Gunakan moves imaginable over the last
6.untuk weapons buy / use kunai lvl 1

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