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Virus AuotuRun

For those who like mainin cheater game cheat will like to ask or seek toolnya friendvia flashdish or cd, well actually it's likely to be infected with a virus that had beenwilling to actually stump, which was not cool to play games,
  stump even computer
kena virus.
Wrote directly under his tutorial.

Windows operating system has the autorun feature, which drives either a CD or DiskDrive will be directly handled by the system when we connect to it. This feature will of course be very useful if we want the application automatically activated without havingto execute it manually, just by creating an autorun.inf file on the drive then in the desired application will be directly executed by the system.
But these features have drawbacks, some viruses often take advantage of this loophole, which the virus becomes active when the system is restarted or when weconnected the drive as a flash disk or CD.
Simply deh .. This time we will try to prevent virus attacks by disabling the autorun feature in windows.

Disabling Autorun using Group Policy.
Click start menu -> Run ...
In the command box type gpedit.msc and then Group Policy will be active
In Group Policy expand Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates ->System
on the System folder, change the Properties 'Turn off Autoplay' by double clicking the file 'Turn off Autoplay', select the radio button enabled and the option 'Turn offAutoplay on:' select 'All drives'
Apply -> OK
Further expansion of User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System
in this folder also did change the properties' Turn off Autoplay "to be enabled for" All drives "
Apply -> OK

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