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Gaming solutions which hangs in the OPL


The presence of PS2 Loader OPL Open, I think it will soon displace HDLoader.Today was already a lot of PS2 owners who move from rental HDLoader to OPL. In fact almost all the PS2 using a USB (do not use network) using OPL.

OPL can be used on the internal HDD, replace the HDLoader. Format the same game between the OPL with HDLoader. In the internal HDD (use your network adapter, the main reason to switch to OPL is:
>> The game hangs on HDLoader but can be run smoothly in the OPL. For example Captain Tsubasa. And almost all the games that way in HDLoader to run through the OPL.
>> OPL still actively developed, unlike HDLoader that has been in a position no one else should be developed.
>> The version of the OPL child proof, suitable for rental owners.
>> Customize the look more interesting, there is cover art, cover icon, background can be fickle.

However, there are also some drawbacks compared with HDLoader OPL (PS2 internal HDD):
>> Button is half-hearted child proof, the 'start' and 'triangle' is still functioning.
>> When reset, when installed in slot 1 mmc mmc then OPL will go straight into the settings menu, because it reads the configuration OPL OPL to mmc1.

Given the OPL is still actively developed, hopefully the above deficiencies are not present in versions to come.

Some things to consider, so that road game in the OPL:
First. Use compatibility mode.
For example: rumble racing game modes 7, Dynasty Warrior 6 mode 5.
Second. Note the id games.
The purpose of the game en SLUS, SLES, etc.. When install games via winhip could happen id does not match gaming. Eg 'mortal combat shaolin monk' id games should SLUS_210.87, but if we install from an iso file then id games that appear when install disposable winhip is SLUS.211.89; Then we edit the id of this game, changed to correct the SLUS_210.87 .
Third. Install the game that has not been edited (the original)
Game edited (removed or compressed video) sometimes does not work in OPL. Eg 'smackdown here comes pain,' edited (compressed video) does not work the way in OPL.
Fourth. Try to rebuild the ISO file again.
For example, the iso file 'signature in front of Tag Tournament' winhip not directly installed to use the road. Then I try extrax isonya file, then with CDVD IML Generator I created the file, then with UltraISO I compiled into an ISO again. And the result after winhip can be installed using the road well in OPL.

That's what I know, maybe one wants to add please.
may be useful. Good-OPL-ria.

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