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Cyber Warfare Has Occurred

The drums of war have been ditabuhkan. In far-off land of Uncle Sam, the U.S. Defense Department has announced their new strategy to face the threat of cyber-security in nature. As this new strategy, the U.S. government preparing more offensive than ever before

When the enemy before the U.S. cyber always associated with the Russians and Chinese, the U.S. now also designate terrorist groups. Cyber
​​operations from the outside more and more are also becoming more sophisticated. The U.S. Defense Department admitted that in a day, millions of experiments carried out attacks on their networks.

As a result, thousands of important files from the U.S. government networks collapse, and U.S. allies and industry partners also suffered no small loss. "When a cybertool (software tool) that destructive successfully controlled by terrorist groups, we must mengsumsikan that they (terrorist group) will attack without much consideration," said U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary, William Lynn, quoted from the site TopTechNews.

Not long ago, dozens of teenagers in the U.S., Britain and the Netherlands have been arrested for suspected involvement with the group hacktivist Anonymous attacks against the U.S. government's computer system, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa, late last year. The attack followed the freezing of accounts whistleblower website Wikileaks.

Previously, the hacker group Anonymous was openly defending WikiLeaks, which has been leaked to embarrass the U.S. government with more than 250 thousand U.S. diplomatic cable. Even the members of this group on several separate occasions had also declared war against the U.S. government.

And it seems, the arrests of activists that cyberspace is still not going to end. Dailymail quoted are like, a source within the FBI said the arrests were part of an ongoing investigation to reveal more of the actors involved.


Is cyber warfare will echo it will also get here? What is clear, in a computer security seminar held at the Hotel Savoy Homann Bandung Tuesday, July 19, 2011, Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Communication and Information Minister), Tifatul Sembiring, has appealed to all parties to immediately increase the awareness of the dangers of cyber attacks.

"I deplore the attitude that too much to ignore the dangers of attacks that occur in cyberspace, and this is already a serious problem worldwide," said Tifatul, through a press release.

According to him, there are still many institutions and the Ministry of State who has not built a good computer security systems, and even tended to ignore the security aspects of this information system. "The agencies have websites that the password is '123 ', and also taped on the table", said Tifatul laughter greeted the audience.

He warned that the wide-scale cyber attack could be. Cases like the above security weakness may result in fatal events even at the country level, such as the paralysis of government computer systems and other important institutions.

"Everyone should be aware, all must be on guard, all have to build cyber defense system. It's the responsibility of us all!" Tifatul firm. He pointed to several cases of cyber attacks that occurred in Estonia, Iran, Switzerland, Malaysia, also against the CIA, and Google.

The cases in the country that shows the weakness of the security system of government institutions have recently experienced by Police Headquarters site, Lemhannas, Army, Pertamina, even Kemenkominfo own website in May. "Attacks on government websites is getting worse."

Head of Information and Public Relations Administrator, Sulistiantoro Gatot Dewa Broto, confirming the seriousness of the threat of cyber attacks if not immediately anticipated. Billy exemplifies the incident last year in which the government successfully uprooted 60 sites within a period of 1.5 months, the momentum towards the independence of Indonesia.

At that time, from early July 2010 until approximately July 15, 2010 several official government sites such as sites owned by Menkokesra.go.id, bso.mendiknas.go.id, and busy-busy kemenpora.go.id successfully penetrated the cracker. Fortunately, most of the attacks were limited to deface attack (change the look of the site pages).

In fact, said Billy, based on data from the Internet infrastructure security monitoring agency ID-SIRTII (Indonesian Security Incident Response Team in the Internet Infrastructure), every day there are more than a million security attacks that occurred on the Indonesian Internet infrastructure.

The attack came from within the country nor Mr abroad. However, surprisingly enough, said Billy is not exactly the biggest assault coming from Malaysia, whose relations with Indonesia had time to heat up, but from the United States, Russia, and China.

Internal data from other Internet security watchdog, the ID-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team Indonesian), noted that the incident through the network (among other DDos attacks, Open Relays, Open Proxies, Hacking, Port Scanning, Port Probe, SSH Brute, CGI, and SQL Injection) in June, experiencing record highs since the beginning of this year, reaching 80 thousand incidents.

According to the Vice Chairman of the ID-SIRTII, M Salahuddien, of course, the ease and benefits provided by the Internet has certainly also be accompanied by a too big risk.

"So for all the countries and communities that have and the more intensive use of the Internet and even depend on it, should do the anticipation of potential cybercrime and cyberwar," said the man better known by the name of the banner Didin.

So, said Didin, the issue of cyber war, not because the issue of cyber war swept the United States proclaimed or not. But because we naturally have to face the negative impacts that can not be avoided from the Internet. "It was not that affected, or go with the flow, but did become the needs and demands."

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