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Indemnity Bank, Hacker Forced to Sell House

A hacker in Russia was forced to sell all his property to replace the money he stole fromthe bank RBS. However, the money he earned from the sale is still far from enough.

As reported by the BBC, Tuesday, September 20, 2011, Viktor Pleshchuck, has sold two houses and two cars, BMW and Lada brand, in an auction. From sales, hemanaged to pocket the £ 200,000 or around Rp2, 8 billion.

The number is still not able to cover the money that should be paid to RBS, whichreaches 6 million pounds, or around Rp84, 6 billion. According to the court's decision in 2010, Pleshchuck not be jailed for six years if he is to replace all losses suffered byRBS.

Together with seven other colleagues throughout Eastern Europe, Pleshchuk managed to break into hundreds of customer data of RBS in 2008. From these data, they then create counterfeit credit cards and withdraw money in large quantities from 1200 ATMmachines in 280 cities around the world within 12 hours.
ATMs that are broken which are in the United States, Estonia, Italy, Hong Kong, Japanand Canada. They are all caught in Georgia in 2009 after successfully tracked by U.S.security agencies.

Internet security experts from Kaspersky, Alex Gostev, said break-ins they do is notcomplicated for the hacker. But the amazing thing is the coordination of the breaker with the people in the field to pull their money simultaneously in several countries.

"They have to find 150 people in several cities, giving it a fake card and instructions topull in unison. This suggests they are a group of trained professionals," said Gostev.

Info From VIVA News.com

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