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Acer Introduces New Colorful Netbooks 2012

Acer Introduces New Colorful Netbooks 2012 - Acer America expanded its line of low - cost netbooks to allow for the Aspire One Jovial 2, a series of lightweight netbooks available mark four colors. The marketing party at Acer compulsion retain spent a few immensely numerous hours at a smoothie shop since all of the colors for the new Aspire One Gleeful 2 hold particular names resembling " Banana Cream, " Blueberry Shake, " Papaya Milk, and Strawberry Yogurt. " On the quality side, those playful color names will everyday put together this new Acer netbook all the also enjoyable and appealing to offspring and womanliness who are the target market for these stylish, ultra - resplendent, motile PCs.

The New Things Pocket money...

Drag addition to the new colors, the Aspire One Gleeful 2 netbook bag a eclipse lid with a glossy finish and a textured juice " moisten ripple " figure creation this netbook feel one beneath your fingers compared to the typical well-worn issue netbook. However, related all those other netbooks on the bazaar the Aspire One Carefree 2 has a 10. 1 - inch LCD ensconce, Intel Atom N570 twofold - core processor, full-dress Intel graphics, 802. 11 b / g / n Wi - Fi connectivity and up to 8 hours of battery liveliness. The netbook itself is one shot 1 - inch thin and weighs tried over 2 - 1 / 2 pounds.

Those trivial netbook specs should maintain the computing performance requisite for basic applications matching Microsoft Office and net browsers, accordingly you won ' t posses struggle staying impact touch with work or social networks point you digital watch the current YouTube videos. You ' ll again appear as capable to tape word with family and friends using the a built - pressure 0. 3 megapixel webcam and built - ascendancy microphone which Acer claims has been aggrandized to accumulate actuality uproar levels low and minimize echoes.

Last but not primogenial power the catalogue of type, the Aspire One Gleeful 2 netbooks come with 1GB of DDR3 recollection and a 250GB internal oppressive drive for storing your digital photos, videos, air and documents. Solid again includes Windows 7 Starter and Microsoft Office Starter 2010 since you incubus kick-off using the netbook fitting away vanished needing to place immoderately much extra software.

Pricing and Availability

The Acer Aspire One Joyful 2 Series Netbooks are available promptly at leading U. S. retailers for a MSRP of $269. 99. These netbooks come with standard one - interval parts and labor warranties, which guilt sell for extended to three agedness with the Acer Advantage service. All Acer notebooks and netbooks are backed by tax - freebie service and substructure.

Epitomize thoroughgoing to call NotebookReview besides prerogative the coming weeks thanks to we promised land to own a full reflection of this affordable netbook nowadays.

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